Pop’n my blog cherry and pop-up shop review

Bowing to all the pressure I have decided to give you all my thoughts in this here blog section of my website.

I’ve never written a blog before so please bear with me while I let you all in on a little of my personality. There may be the occasional profanity and whinge but honestly I’m a pretty down to earth gal!

The main reason for my blog today is share with you the absolutely fabulous weekend I had up near Daylesford at the wonderful Anne Boundy’s place for the opening of her freak’n awesome QUILT BARN! (Head to the Said with Love website/Insta/Facebook for more info! ).

After spending the last few weeks cutting fat quarters (with special thanks to Megan and mum for the help!!!), it was time to play jenga and pack the car! The two boys car seats had to be removed but I did have to be mindful not to bury poor Hattie!

The drive up wasn’t so eventful, rock’n the 80’s rock classics like a Spinal Tap tragic, it took me just under 2hrs to Anne’s house.

Unpacking everything was enough for the night though as we couldn’t be stuffed setting everything up – we’ll do that in the morning hey!

After a 4am start with Hattie, who DID NOT want to sleep!, Ian (Anne’s husband) made me a coffee – with a tea bag! Sorry Ian – did not even come close to cutting it!

*Note to self – take own ‘proper’ coffee next time 😉

Anyhoo I don’t think I did too bad setting up before the onslaught of eager quilters and crafters arrived!

What do you think?

The Said with love Quilt Barn is in such an amazing part of the world! Set right next to a picturesque pond, including a string of ducks that follow Anne around when she has food and try to eat Hattie’s toes!, it’s the perfect place to sit back and take a rest from your sewing machine or do some hand stitching.

Check out Anne’s website for her upcoming classes and stitching days! https://saidwithlove.com.au/

I’d love to thank everyone who came out to visit us on the day and for all of the amazing feedback we’ve received since! This certainly won’t be a solitary venture that’s for sure! It’s always awesome to meet those you converse, follow and tag on social media!

A massive thankyou to the local CWA for the yummy biscuits and for helping look after Hattie while I was madly cutting fabric.

On another note – did you spot the new C+S in the picture above? They arrived as I was packing the car so they just had to come!

There was something else that arrived in the shop that day but that’s for another day to reveal 😉

Peace out x J

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